Onshore Maintain Potential Projects (OMPP)

November 16, 2022
“To perform installation of all phases of well sites, flowlines, trunklines, lateral, headers, manifolds, transfer lines and any other pipelines with all associated facilities, such as instrumentation, communication, SCADA, fencing, site preparation, civil works and buildings”


It is a work unit rate (WUR) project. The scope includes civil works including trench excavations for flowlines, trunklines, wellsite areas, and related earthworks; backfilling and berming of trenches; construction of burn pits/drain pits; and other civil works required for the provision of wellsite development. Additionally, the scope entails the installation of instrumentation and communication systems to ensure proper functioning of the pipelines and associated facilities. SCADA systems will be implemented for monitoring and controlling the flow of materials through the pipelines. Fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the site for security purposes, and site preparation will include groundwork for access roads and parking areas. Furthermore, buildings such as control rooms and equipment shelters will be constructed to house essential components of the project. The comprehensive scope aims to cover all aspects necessary for the successful completion of the pipeline installation project.


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